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Reading glasses with Anti-reflective anti-blue light protection

Dare with the DIDINSKY UFFIZI reading glasses collection. An explosive mixture of style and colors. Classic and elegant glasses with a wide range of colors. Because presbyopia is not at odds with fashion.

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With an avant-garde design and a selection of the most modern colors, the glasses are unisex and suitable for use in any situation. From the most formal commitments to the most relaxed moments, there are perfect DIDINSKY for each one.

Because we know that you value the quality and design in the same way, we have manufactured our glasses with a touch of rubber and we have incorporated lenses with anti-blue light and anti-reflective protection, with flexible and durable rods.

The pack includes a protective cover of the same color as the glasses and a chamois to be able to clean the glasses at any time.

You can even choose your glasses without graduation! 6 colors available and 6 different graduations:

0.0 | +1.0 | +1.5 | +2.0 | +2.5 | +3.0

ATTENTION! Here you will find the solution to those moments when you cannot correctly see the closest details.

ATTENTION! Here you will find the solution to those moments when you cannot correctly see the closest details.

Tired of seeing blurry objects in your hand?

Tired of having to ask other people to read the fine print for you?

Annoyed at always having to wear glasses that bulge too much?

Have your glasses been lost so many times that you can't even remember them?

Reading glasses without rods and non-slip and hypoallergenic nasal support

Essential for those who suffer from eyestrain disorders when they do not have their presbyopic glasses on hand and need to face an emergency reading.

The mini-revolution in presbyopia glasses

Light and compact

Always carry them with you. With only 6gr. of weight and 95mm wide and only 2mm thick you have no excuse to make them an indispensable element to always carry on.

An elegant design in a variety of colors and graduations

Available in 6 colors and 5 different graduations. Choose the one you like best or the one that defines your style. Its elegant design will make them a complement in your personal look.

Comfort and versatility

You can enjoy a cover case, which carries an adhesive so you can take them on the back of your mobile, on your computer, iPad, on the dashboard of the car ...

Great advantages:

  •       Very resistant. Comfortable and unisex.
  •       Innovative, economical and very transportable.
  •       Its bridge allows exceptional adhesion without pressure.