FAQ on Didinsky

How to buy? What is presbyopia? How to avoid blurring? What are the magnetic glasses?

Buying in Didinsky

How much does shipping cost?

The cost of preparing and shipping to Europe depends of the country, and it goes from 10€ to 21€, VAT included.

Where do we ship?

To all around the world.

What are the deadlines?

In the event that the goods are available from our supplier, will ship within 3-5 days working upon receipt of payment. Still, the delivery time can vary from 1 to 14 (even more for countries beyond Europe)

How can I pay for my order?

With your debit / credit card or via Paypal.

How I can I contact you?

You can contact via chat during weekdays in business hours 10h to 14h and 16h to 19h and we will reply immediately. In all other hours you can write in chat. We will answer your questions as fast as possible.

Also through the contact form you find here.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Nothing happens, click here, enter your email address and we will send you your new password. Later you can change it without any problem.

How do I use my coupon?

To enjoy your discount must access your cart and enter the code in the "coupon" field below products of your cart. Press OK and your cart will be updated with the corresponding discount.

Do you eyestrain glasses to help prevent eye strain?

Overexertion and eyestrain severely restrain our eyes, those who suffer from presbyopia should used reading glasses whenever is possible.

What happens if you don't wear reading glasses?

Corrective glasses help to compensate for a mismatch in the corneal shape of the people who need them, which helps them see clearly and reduce eyestrain. If one has to squint constantly to see clearly, they are much more likely to experience headaches. However, this does not mean that one’s eyes are getting worse, per se, they’re just forcing the eyes to work harder and inviting a number of unpleasant side effects.

Does your eyesight weaken if you do not wear reading glasses?

Tired vision is a process associated with age that does not change with the use or not of glasses. We must keep in mind that presbyopia is not a disease, but a symptom caused by the natural course of aging. The first signs are usually perceived between the ages of 40 and 50.

Make Your Glasses More Comfortable thanks to the absence of rods

Reading glasses designed for close-up vision, with a unique rodless design and very small which are perfect to carry by hand since they fit in the wallet, in the pocket of a shirt, in a small bag or keep them on your phone. Sticks to your phone! So thin, small and lightweight you can put them almost anywhere!